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Covid Update

Lac Vieux Desert Health Center – Watersmeet

Testing at the LVDHC began in early April, 2020. In recent weeks, we have seen a consistent rise in positives cases in both the Watersmeet community and surrounding communities. In an effort to prevent further community spread, we are providing daily (M-F) testing to both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients. We can provide testing to 30 patients per day. We have the capacity to test 16 patients per day on our Abbott (rapid) testing equipment; these tests results are available the same day. Rapid tests are used for patients presenting with active COVID-19 symptoms. If you do not meet that criteria, your test will be sent to one of our reference labs with results typically available within 3-5 days. To learn more information, or to schedule a test please contact us at 906-358-4588.

Below, you will find our testing totals. The first set of numbers represents tests collected from April, 2020 through the end of November, 2020. The second and third set of numbers represent the tests we have collected in the month of December, 2020. From here forward, we will post result activity daily (M-F). We will keep the current month separate from the cumulative totals. Please note our positive cases of COVID-19 are also reported to the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department and will likely be reflected in the numbers reported by county below.

Cumulative Totals: 04/01/2020 - 11/30/2021

Total: 4,835

Negative: 4,367

Positive: 468

November 2021 Totals:

Total Tests: 208

Negative Tests: 177

Positive Tests: 31

Vaccinated Patients with positive tests: 12


COVID-19  Testing numbers for the month of November

Total Tests Collected: 156
Total Negatives: 129
Total Positives: 26
Total Pending: 1
Tribal Members* in Isolation: 3
Tribal Members* in Quarantine: 4
Tribal Members* Recovered: 5

* (Federally Recognized Tribe living/working in community)


COVID-19  Testing numbers for the month of November

Total Tests Collected: 32
Total Negatives: 28
Total Positives: 3
Total Pending: 1

COVID-19 Case Data by County

Updated on 12/03/2021

Gogebic: 2,147 Confirmed Cases
Iron: 1,727 Confirmed Cases
Ontonagon: 695 Confirmed Cases
Houghton: 5,264 Confirmed Cases
Vilas: 3,448 Confirmed Cases